Welcome to EMPOWER & SHINE

At EMPOWER AND SHINE we are dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to live life to the fullest. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the field of disability , and hone our passion towards helping our clients live a life of fulfiment, achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles that may be in their way , all while creating lifelong friendships and experiences.


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Empower and Shine strives for excellency; perfection comes as a by-product of our repeated standard of excellent care. It is easy to talk the talk. We go one step further and walk the walk. It is not enough for us to get "clients". We strive to create an extended family of people with varying abilities. We bridge the gap between ability and disability. We permeate knowledge. We create opportunities. We empower and shine.


Our Services:

  • Personalised Respite
  • Community Outing Support
  • Customised Day Programs
  • Supported Independant Living
  • Travel and Transport Support
  • Holidays and Travel Programs

A message from our Team

THERE ARE FRIENDS, THERE IS FAMILY, AND THEN THERE ARE FRIENDS THAT BECOME FAMILY Our ever growing family looks forward to welcome you.


We dedicate all our energy to ensure our contribution to the world of disability has as much of a positive impact as possible. Along with the Disability services we provide, we have launched a series of products, that we believe will further help our clients, and all individuals with disabilities. The launch includes a series of products ranging from Sensory products, Anti-Stress products, ADHD products and many more to help our clients deal with day to day life.